liaaaaaa!!!! coney here ahaha and for the nth time, thank you so much fro granting my request!!! i love you~ ♥♥♥
- everlastingchingu

coney!!! ;u; no problem, i enjoyed making it! the prompt was really cute i just had to ;w; geez i still hate how you always notice unnecessary /but adorable/ thing lmao

I don't mind seeing your fanart because I adore your style, I found it very nice to draw like your style (because I don't find my style yet) but don't worry, tearing up means your arts are great and can bring people to their sweetest memories ^^ Fighting!
- 05250995

T T _T T_T T_T you’re the sweetest. thanks again!

This blog, dear ;A; Omo I'm sorry for crying yesterday because I can't control my feelings when I see lots of exo fanarts but mostly Krisho. sorry but I really admire your blog, it's so beautiful and you actually make me feels like I'm in the world that I actually want it to be >.< I'm so sorry I might sound creepy but this is from the bottom of my heart OTL
- 05250995

i… i’m sorry i made you cry, really i had no intention to make ppl cry ;; tbh this is the main reason why i have to think twice before posting krisho fanarts… ppl has been telling me they teared up and cried but they want more orz but i’m glad that you liked them!

I actually have quite lots of krisho wips.. I used to draw them daily lmao but irdk….. ”will i ever post them?when will i?” I still occasionally post krisho fanarts on twitter tho but irdt they’re good enough to be posted here lol you see i don’t have much confidence hahahaha but i really can’t stop myself from drawing them :((( I tried to draw other suho otps before but they ended up looking like krisho i gave upppp i’ve been cursed by the krisho

so yeah.. more krisho coming your way~ ^^! thanks so much for the lovely message